IISR/CD/Cir(12)/10                               7th  December, 2010.


Dear Parents,


This has reference to our circular dated 9th October, regarding optional Proficiency Test for Class X.  As mentioned by us earlier, there will be a separate test in each of the five main subject viz., English, Hindi, Social Science, Mathematics and Science. The student may appear in one or more subject(s) according to his/her choice. One test will be held on a single day and the schedule of the examinations will be intimated later.

The details of the fees to be paid by the students for appearing the test, is as below:

One Subject                           SR. 50/-
Two Subjects                         SR. 75/-
Three Subjects                       SR.100/-
Four or Five Subjects            SR.125/-

Students are requested to remit the fees for this examination to their class teachers on or before 15th December, 2010.



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