Examination and Promotion Rules . . .

a) No student is eligible to take the annual examination unless he/she has completed 75% of attendance, counted from opening of the academic session up to the first of the month preceding the month in which examination commences.

b) Shortage up to 15% may be condoned by the Principal on the recommendation of the Vice-Principals / HM’s / Supervisors concerned based on the valid reasons like:

    • Prolonged illness.
    • Loss of a member in the family.
    • Any other reason of similar serious nature.

c ) Cases of candidates with attendance below 60% will not be considered.

  • Students are not permitted to use calculators during examination.
  • Writing on the question paper is prohibited and will be construed as malpractice (except on self answering sheets).


  • If a student is found using unfair means during an examination, he/she will be given “Zero” in the paper and his / her Examination will be cancelled.
  • Any incident of tampering with the examination records will be considered as a serious offence and appropriate disciplinary action will be taken.


  • Pupils who abstain themselves from an examination or a unit test without giving proper reason are not eligible to appear for re-examination.


  • The pass  percentage  in  each  subject  and  in  aggregate is 35 in order to get Promotion in

        Classes VII - VIII.

  • Only one Examination will be conducted for L.K.G./U.K.G as per the Timetable printed in the calendar to decide promotion to U.K.G. and Std I respectively.


  • Continuous and comprehensive evaluation (primary)

·  Desisting assessment of students on the basis of one-shot examinations
·  Achievement Records for classes I & II and for classes III – V
·  Holistic and Continuous Assessment on a 5 point scale.
·  Comprehensive:  Covering Scholastic and Co-Scholastic areas.
·  Only positive feedback on the achievement of learners to encourage multiple talents.
·  Rating scales for different subjects for classes I to V have been circulated to all schools to help teachers carryout the assessment in a systematic and scientific manner.


Five Points are as under:
                                                                                    (100 Point Scale)
            A*       Outstanding                                                    90-100
            A         Excellent                                                         75-89
            B         Very Good                                                      56-74
            C         Good                                                               35-55
            D         Scope for improvement                                   Below 35



As per C.B.S.E directives there will be only two Term Examinations up to Std V. Grading for  Std. I – V will be calculated as follows:

a)  First Term Examination                               30%
b)  Mid Term Test                                                10%
c) Annual Examination                                      30%
d)  C.C.A./Project/Test/Assignment                  30%
        Total: 100%


  • Emphasis on extension of  Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation for class VI & VII
  • Seven Point grading scale has been notified
  • Seven points are as follows:


A*             -                       90 and above
A               -                       80 to 89
B*             -                       70 to 79
B               -                       60 to 69
C               -                       45 to 59
D               -                       33 to 44
E                -                       Below 33 percent

  • It will facilitate the maintenance of meaningful continuity from the primary level and smooth transition to grades in secondary level as and when introduced.


11.  Students of Classes VI to VIII must pass in any five of the following six subjects in order to
       become eligible for promotion.

11.1 English
11.2 Second Language:-  Hindi.  
11.3 Third Language:-  Tamil, Malayalam, Marathi, Kannada, French, Arabic,Urdu & Telugu
11.4 Mathematics
11.5 Science
11.6 Social Studies.
12. Passing in the school certificate subjects like Health and Physical Education, Work Experience, art Education and General Studies, Arabic and Environmental Education for the students of STD IX to XII is compulsory

New Education Policy

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